Lexus IS300 with a Twin-turbo 5.3 L V8

Lexus IS300 with a twin-turbo LC9 Gen4 V8

This Lexus IS300 was built by Matt Owen and features a twin-turbo 5.3L Vortec LC9. This particular Gen4 small-block was chosen because it features the thickest liners of all the aluminum engines. The engine was built by Watts Shop and features Trick Flow heads and Precision Turbo 6266 turbos. The transmission is a TR6060 six-speed from a CTS-V. In March the car was making 700 horsepower on 11 psi of boost. Matt thinks they can get at least another 10 psi of boost through the motor.

twin-turbo LC9 Gen4 V8 inside the engine bay of a Lexus IS300

Source: Revvolution, 1320Video, Club Lexus (build thread) and photos by C.Davis

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