1976 Ferrari Dino With A Twin-turbo Chevy V8

1976 Ferrari Dino being picked up for a V8 swap

Projects can take different directions and sometimes with different owners. In its current form this 1976 Ferrari Dino houses a twin-turbo 4.8L (LR4) iron-block Gen3 SBC. The engine is mated to a Subaru five-speed transaxle with upgraded PPG gears. The engine will gain a nice flat-plane crank sound thanks to some hand-made 180 degree headers.

twin-turbo 4.8L iron-block Chevy V8 inside a 1976 Ferrari Dino

The Dino was purchased as a roller by a college student at McPherson College where he is working on a four-year degree in automotive restoration. Apparently McPherson College is one of the only schools in the US that offers a four-year degree in that field. Attending college to learn about restoring automobiles and you get to practice on your own project car. What a dream.

twin-turbo 4.8L iron-block Chevy V8 inside a 1976 Ferrari Dino

But this project started in a very different direction. The first owner chose a Subaru flat-four from a 1997 Impreza STI to power it. The project progressed up to the point of having the motor installed and cranking. Then someone offered to trade an Alfa Romeo for the Ferrari and became the second owner. It didn’t take too long before the second owner decided it was too much work to continue. So the motor was pulled and the body was sold on eBay to the current owner’s capable hands.

4.8L LR4 iron-block Chevy V8 with 180 degree custom headers

It always sad when a project can’t be finished because it usually means the end of someone’s dream. In this case it’s great to see a project continue on to become another’s dream.

Source: Grassroots Motorsports via Motor Authority

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