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Toyota GT86 with a 3UR V8

Toyota GT86 with a 3UR-FE V8

The owner of this 2014 Toyota GT86 broke two 4U-GSE engines before going in a different direction. Instead of another flat-four they installed a 5.7 L Toyota 3UR-FE V8 typically found in Tundra trucks and Sequoia SUVs. These engines produce 381 horsepower and 401 lb-ft (543 Nm) from the factory. They installed the V8 using custom mounts, modified oil pan and hood. Behind the V8 is a custom adapter, stock GT86 manual transmission with Clutch Masters FX725 twin disc clutch, and shortened stock GT86 driveshaft.

Toyota GT86 with a 3UR-FE V8

Toyota GT86 with a 3UR-FE V8

Toyota GT86 with a 3UR-FE V8

Toyota GT86 with a 3UR-FE V8

Toyota GT86 with a 3UR-FE V8

Toyota GT86 with a 3UR-FE V8

Toyota GT86 with a 3UR-FE V8

Toyota GT86 with a 3UR-FE V8

Toyota GT86 with a 3UR-FE V8

Toyota GT86 with a 3UR-FE V8

Source: FT86Club (build thread) and Abdulla Al Neyadi via Piotr

22 thoughts on “Toyota GT86 with a 3UR V8”

  1. Stock GT86 transmission? I wonder how well that will hold up, considering that stock flat 4 has a lot less torque (151 lb-ft).

      1. The stock strand broke 3rd and 4th after about 10,000km. T56 swap almost done. For more progress see my Instagram @bluereaperx

    1. I had my doubts too at first but it worked exceptionally well. The 3UR is much wider than an LS and even a Coyote. And due to inspection regulations here, the cross member can’t be modified (cut or welded) if the car is to be driven on the street.

  2. Stock trans and axles? Well the transmission won’t break, at first. First those axles will go, then with beefier axles he can expect to destroy the transmission next. This thing makes 401lbft at just 3800rpm, and maxes out at 5600, it’s a towtruck
    All that custom work because a UR uses an AT in stock form. LS is the answer but cool build, just seems like a lot of forethought was missing on selecting a drivetrain
    It’s nice to see people try stuff and I wish him well.

    1. I’ve seen countless LS swaps, wanted to do something different and this isn’t my daily by any means and I know a thing or two about the 3UR (see my twin turbo tundra on Instagram @bluereaperx)

      I kept the stock trans in it as I was planning a T56 swap but couldn’t find any at a decent price. I also wanted to work out everything first to see if I can actually run the engine on the stock ECU. The stock trans did break eventually as expected but it did last 10,000km surprisingly.

      The axles are 800hp rated by The Driveshaft shop so no worries there.

  3. Should have used the stock V8 transmission. Would have lasted longer, and been much better to drive. Manuals are antiquated and obsolete in 2019. Not the Toyota’s 6 speed is up to date, but at least it’s reliable and shifts itself.

    1. Some of us in the real world actually enjoy driving a manual over an automatic. “Manuals are antiquated and obsolete in 2019″…. the car is only 5 years old, its antiquated already? Your post just had me laughing.

    2. Obsolete and antiquated? The whole car is only 5 years old. Most people would say the V8 is antiquated over the trans.

    3. A manual 3UR is so much more fun to drive. Also an AB60 has 0 chance of fitting without extreme cutting and modification of the body.

      It’s currently undergoing a T56 swap, see progress here on my Instagram @bluereaperx.

        1. Been driving it as a daily for the past 3 months now since my TT Tundra is in the shop for rewiring. I upgraded to a Magnum T56 last and I wouldn’t swap an auto in this thing even if they paid me. Hell, I’m thinking of installing a T56 in my truck lmao.

          My only complaint is the noise level in the cabin but that can be fixed later and it’s almost a non issue in winter when I always have the windows down.

  4. Would you consider offering a “kit” for others to do the same?
    The main other alternative V8 to small car swap is Monster Miata, and their pricing is crazy high.

    1. Contact me on Instagram @bluereaperx. There are too many variables for a swap like this and I could at least help with the engine mounts.

  5. It’s cool. Bar none. Squeezing a Toyota V8 in a BRZ/86/FR-S with a 6-speed manual has always been a dream build to me. There’s always time to exchange parts or rebuild things in the process. And I think that’s the beauty of it. Looking forward to see more builds like this.

  6. ≈225w/kg is pretty impressive. Curious what suspension upgrades if any you’ve done. It’d be even cooler with the TRD supercharger, but you’re not hurting for power as it is. Nice work!

  7. I have a tundra with 3urfse. Just found out its a 6 bolt main. Ive been itching to start a new project, and i think i just found what im gonna do. Dont mind if i build me one too? I will need your assistance

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