Ferrari F355 with a Zytek V8

Ferrari F355 With a Zytek ZJ458 V8

Ferraris are… well Ferraris. They don’t get modified. And if they do, they usually never receive an engine swap from another manufacturer. This particular one might receive a little bit more acceptance since it was done purely for racing. Owner and driver RenĂ© Ruch had reached the limit of the original 3.5L V8 and needed more power to compete in hill climb racing. So he turned to a British company for a new heart.

Zytek ZJ458 V8 inside Ferrari F335 engine bay

The ZJ458 motor is made by Zytek Automotive out of the UK. It is based on LMP2 3.4L and LMP1 4.0L versions and features a 90 degree 4.5L V8. The engine in this particular Ferrari has been reduced to 4.0L to meet class restrictions and produces 500 horsepower and 525 Nm (387 ft-lb). Although it is very light at 119 kg (262.3 lbs), the engine is capable of producing up to 700 bhp and 435 ft-lb of torque.

Zytek ZJ458 V8

Ferrari F355 With a Zytek ZJ458 V8

If you are still not convinced, maybe watching this video might persuade you.

More info and photos can be found in the source link below.

Source: Speedhunters by Peter Kelly

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