Porsche Cayman GTR

Cayman GTR

Farnbacher offers a Cayman with a Porsche 911 S engine. The 3.8L X-51 engine sports 395 horsepower. Farnbacher claims that since the Cayman is more balanced and has the ability to be better then the 911 given more horsepower. Farnbacher charges $39,500. Car and Driver said their test vehicle, which happened to be the best Cayman they ever have driven, came to a total of $124,360. It does seem step because one would be able to get a 911 Turbo for almost the same amount. The appearance is altered by adding is a 997 front end, carbon fiber splitter and a Euro-spec rear bumper. I am just waiting until someone adds the 911 turbo engine to a Cayman.

Cayman X-51 engine bay

Cayman GTR

Source: RoadandTrack and European Car Web and Car & Driver


  1. Abs

    Unfortunately the web site is down and I think the shop is now defunct. I give you this interesting read from December of 2009…

    “According to a report by the New Haven Register, Gregory Loles – the team principal behind the Farnbacher-Loles race team and its associated performance shop – has been fingered in an embezzlement scandal involving the St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church of Orange, Connecticut.

    The church’s followers raised $6.3 million to fund a new building of which Loles was in charge of managing, and the Porsche tuner and racing magnate was also reportedly administering several member’s college and retirement funds, with one person claiming to have lost as much as $4 million.

    The federal authorities are involved, but haven’t released a statement yet. Expect all the sordid details to be revealed in the coming days, so consider this developing…”

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