Fiat 126 with a CBR900 Motorcycle Engine

Fiat 126p with a Honda CBR900 RR motorcycle engine

Make sure to take a few minutes out of your day and watch this Fiat 126p powered by a Honda CBR900RR motorcycle engine zoom around some autocross courses. I tried to screen capture the best angle to show just how small this car is. The car is from Poland. If anyone has a build thread or more information, please contact us.

Source: Bangshift

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  1. wogboy Giuseppe

    Hi could you please supply some photos of how you have the drive train set up , eg motor differential. Does it have a reverse, there are three of us hear in Australia , that wish to do something like that , but regulations are a bit hard . Ive got a 126 with a worked 1000cc 3cyl twin charged compound set up

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