Speed Academy’s Nissan S13 LSx Swap Guide

Speed Academy's LSx into Nissan S13 240SX swap guide

Speed Academy created a series on swapping a LSx motor into a 240SX. This guide has a lot of good information such as picking a Cadillac CTS-V accessories setup because it’s the most compact and fits the S13 with no clearance issues. The only drawback is the series is more of an overview. The builder doesn’t go into a lot of detail for those who would a prefer a step-by-step guide. I have outlined each series below.

Part 1 – The Essentials

  • LSx engine choice
  • Trans choice
  • shifter choice
  • clutch choice
  • starter choice
  • engine swap kit choice
  • power steering lines
  • master clutch cylinder
  • wiring harness
  • accessories package

Part 2 – Getting Started

  • factory motor removal
  • prep LSx motor
  • LSx motor installation
  • fuel lines
  • power steering
  • radiator connections

Part 3 – It’s All In The Details

  • catalytic converters
  • exhaust plumbing
  • air intake
  • wiring/ECU
  • drive-by-wire pedals
  • factory gauges working

Part 4 – Finishing Touches

  • heat protection
  • front sway bar
  • upgrading the differential
  • upgrading the brakes

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