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Bullet Race Engineering’s Billet RB30 Block

Bullet Race Engineering Billet RB30 Block

Andre Simon from High Performance Academy interviewed Darren Palumbo from Bullet Race Engineering (BRE) about their new RB-series block. The company made several improvements to allow for a stronger Callies Ultra Billet crankshaft. The company designed the block to use 2JZ main bearings and Honda rod bearings. They also increased wall thickness, keyway size, and larger flywheel flange with eight bolts (Chevy small-block style). BRE says the biggest limitation now is the factory RB-series heads which they are working on.

Source: High Performance Academy

1 thought on “Bullet Race Engineering’s Billet RB30 Block”

  1. I would have to say this is one interesting engine. I have “One” important question.

    Will this hybrid 2JZ/RB30 bottom block be adaptable and hook right up to the Skyline/GTR AWD ATTESA drivetrain? It’s great to have all that power, but it’d be more than capable if all that power was put down to AWD.

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