Supercharged 6.5 L Porsche V8 Makes 1113 hp on Dyno

928 Motorsports supercharged Porsche V8

Last year we shared Carl Fausett’s Porsche 928 called “The Meg” built at Carl’s company 928 Motorsports in Horicon, Wisconsin. Since then he’s pushed the 928’s supercharged 6.57 L (400 ci) V8 to 1,113 horsepower and 956 lb-ft of torque. It’s able to accomplish this thanks to custom Wiesco forged pistons with graphite sleeves, custom Oliver steel I-beam rods, ported heads, steel valves, race springs, custom 928 Motorports camshafts, and Vortech V7 Ysi supercharger. The drivetrain uses a custom lightweight torque tube and Tremec TR6060 tranaxle with a Getrag LSD and Tilton triple-disc clutch.

928 Motorsports supercharged Porsche V8

Source: 928 Motorsports FB page and Carl Fausett

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