Renegade Hybrids’ LSx Powered Cayman Sounds Amazing

Renegade Hybrids Porsche Cayman with LSx V8

Renegade Hybrids debuted their new LSx powered Porsche Cayman at SEMA 2014. Although the kit is not available to for purchase, one person who has been testing the car for a week had some very positive things to say. I have copied it directly from the Facebook posting.

Cayman V8 first driving impressions…

(Sorry for standing on ceremony but…) I have 20 years of performance driving experience, I currently hold two Chief Driving Instructor positions, a National Training position, and I privately Pro Coach virtually every weekend throughout the US and Canada. I think it’s safe to say, I do have a clue.

I have tracked a Cayman, a Cayman S on R compounds, and a Cayman R. Outstanding platform…quick car…predictable, nimble, capable. BUT…full throttle came to quickly and easily primarily due to the lack of midrange torque. Sure…install a 4L and get another 50FPT, but is that enough power for over 45K invested?

Yes, I will post videos, reviews, more engine shots, etc., but just a few words on my first week behind the wheel, will certainly peak your ceriousity.

In one sentence that best sums it up:

Loose NOTHING but the feeling you wish there was more!

Still true and evident to the driver; balance, ragidity, stability, predictability, and confidence. Drives just like it did before. You can put this car anywhere with just a mere thought and a forward glance through the corner.

What has changed is how you achieve the grip in such a capable chassis and how quickly you can explode out of a corner.

The wheel is lead by your eyes, and helps reposition the energy within the chassis proactively. Case in point; it redirects inertia in an attempt to maintain momentum.

Imagine harnessing much greater energy, but changing nothing of the dynamics in the process.

Case in point; if I lost grip coming out of a corner, I could use the throttle to move more weight to the rear and gain more grip. Add more throttle…get more grip. Yes, I understand the reproductions include understeer, but let me ask you, what happens when you don’t have enough throttle?

The ability to harness this far greater energy does not come at a cost to the balance of the car, or power management issues, or even reliability. The car remains unchanged, except for the throttle pedal, or in this case, “The balance pedal.” With greater ability to move the weight around on such a predictable platform, the joy of driving this car is purely unimaginable.

Furthermore, it’s still just a little “bread-getter” if that’s what you want it to be.

Wow… What a lovely ride!

Renegade Hybrids Porsche Cayman with LSx V8

Renegade Hybrids Porsche Cayman with LSx V8

Source: Renegade Hybrid’s Facebook page

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