Roadkill’s 1970 Plymouth Duster With A 440 Mopar Big-block

Roadkill 1970 Plymouth Duster With A 440 Mopar Big-block

Roadkill episode 40 shows the guys taking a 1970 Plymouth Duster and installing the 440 ci Mopar big-block RV engine from the General Mayhem 1968 Charger. They were able to use that engine because Dodge is giving them a Hellcat engine to use in they General Mayhem (can’t wait for that video). The RV engine was installed using Schumacher Creative Services mounts that mount the big-block to the Duster’s original Slant-6 crossmember and a C-body oil pan. A pair of nice headers were used and they had to beat, burn, and grind one side to get them to fit. The headers were later tested on another engine it only lost 16 horsepower. In all they estimate the project costs about $10,000.

Source: Roadkill Youtube channel and HotRod (more details on the build)


  1. Jason

    My first car was a 73 Duster with a 225 slant six that was a one owner car. I wind up selling it and wish I still had it. I wanted to do a V8 conversion but I was a broke teenager back then.

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