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KMiata Developing Honda K-Series Swap Kit for BMW E30

KMiata BMW E30 with a Honda K-series inline-four

KMiata are developing a Honda K-series swap kit for the BMW E30. The company hasn’t release many details but the kit should be available later this year. After development for the E30 is complete, the company will begin work on an E36 swap kit.

Update 3/9/2021: The kit and mounts are available.

Source: KMiata FB page via @extech_mike

6 thoughts on “KMiata Developing Honda K-Series Swap Kit for BMW E30”

    1. Interesting! Are you talking about doing a swap in a 4cyl E36? I love engine swaps, but when I had my 1995 325i I LOVED the straight-six that came in that car. I wouldn’t have swapped it for all the tea in China!

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