Tacoma Truck with a 2JZ-GTE

2003 Toyota Tacoma S-Runner with a 2JZ-GTE inline-six

This 2003 Toyota Tacoma S-Runner has a little surprise under the hood. Instead of the factory installed 5VZ-FE V6, it is now powered a 3.0 L 2JZ-GTE inline-six from a 1994 Toyota Supra. The engine was converted from twin-turbo to a single Sound Performance 67 mm turbocharger. The Toyota Tacoma S-Runner was the sports version of the Tacoma coming with a V6 and manual five-speed transmission. It also had a sports tuned suspension and was lowered.


  1. Jamie Shreeves

    Do you have any write-ups on the engine swap? I am considering a similar swap for my 2002 Pre-runner. Please email me a link if you have it posted: jamie (dot) shreeves (at) gmail.com

  2. benjamin holley

    I need help with a 91 toyta truck 22re. I need to take the engine out of one and into the other… any help would be awesome!

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