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AWD Lada Niva with a Turbo V8 Makes 1000+ hp on Dyno

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4WD Lada Niva with a Turbo LSx V8

Last year we shared Oleg Vorvul’s wild AWD Lada Niva built by VTG in Warsaw, Poland. The compact SUV is powered by a turbocharged 6.4 L LSx V8 built using a Dart LS Next block, forged internals, BTR camshaft, Trick Flow heads, and Ecumaster EMU Black ECU. The drivetrain features a Rossler three-speed automatic transmission, GMC Typhoon transfer case, GM front diff, and Ford 8.8-inch rear diff. For the 2020 season, VTG replaced the Precision 7675 turbocharger with a larger Precision PT91 turbocharger. Watch the Niva make 1080 horsepower and 1132 Nm (834 lb-ft) of torque on their dyno.

4WD Lada Niva with a Turbo LSx V8

Source: VTG (project page) and VTG FB page via Piotr

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