1966 Jaguar with a 2JZ-GE – Part 5

1966 Jaguar Mark 2 with a 2JZ-GE inline-six

Retropower is back with another update on their 1966 Jaguar Mark 2 project inspired by Jaguar’s Project Utah. For those unfamiliar with the build, they are installing a naturally-aspirated 2JZ-GE inline-six with individual throttle bodies mated to a BMW E46 M3 manual transmission and factory Jag rear end. In this update the team shows off metalwork and interior layout.

Source: Project Utah FB page and Retropower Cars

1 thought on “1966 Jaguar with a 2JZ-GE – Part 5”

  1. If I was doing this swap here in Australia I would use a 4.0L i6 315 Ford Barra turbo engine with a 6 spd ZF manual these turbo Barra engines came from the factory using 6spd ZF manuals and autos these old Jags used to handle pretty well and the rear end would be up to it or swap it for an XJ rear for 315 kw or in your guys lingo 430 hp these Barra engines only need an exhaust tickle for well over 400kw but I do prefer the stock rear wheel well and guard maybe just a little flared for a wider wheel. C.

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