Skyline RB25DE Powered 240Z

RB25DE Powered 240Z

Auszcar member Dimitri Vassiliou purchased this 1970 Datsun 240Z after the previous owner did a complete ground up restoration. Dimitri realized very soon the previous engine was to harsh to drive so out it came and in went a Skyline RB25DE and 5 speed transmission. The engine with factory cams and exhaust manifold produces 160 horsepower on the dyno. Dimitri is eventually shooting for around 180 to 200 horsepower from further tuning. Brakes were upgraded using 330mm Brembo dics and Porsche 928S calipers up front and R31 Skyline discs and calipers in the rear. They body has a few tasteful alterations in the form of a fiberglass front spoiler, 260Z fluted bonnet, and headlight lens covers.

Source: Viczcar

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