Pontiac Fiero with a Turbo LS3 V8 Update

Pontiac Fiero with a Turbo LS3 V8

Leon Thurston from Leons Garage Adventures released several updates on his Pontiac Fiero project. In the previous videos we learned the turbocharged LS3 V8 will feature a Holley Sniper intake and Terminator EFI, 102 mm throttle body, upgraded camshaft, two Turbosmart wastegates, large turbocharger. Leon is installing the powertrain using parts from Archie LSx swap kit and will use the factory Fiero five-speed transmission. In these videos they swap body panels, install coilovers, and make a fuel tank and exhaust manifolds.

Pontiac Fiero with a Turbo LS3 V8

Source: LeonsGarageAdventures

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  1. IMHO it’s a mistake to use the Fiero 5 speed behind that engine! You’d be miles ahead using a FWD auto out of something like a Impala SS

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