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1971 Pantera with a LS7 V8

1971 Pantera with a LS7 V8

This 1971 De Tomaso Pantera was built by White Post Restorations to have fun on the street and track. The car rides on a reinforced chassis with a custom roll cage, billet hubs, modified uprights, electric power steering, and Nitron shocks with remote reservoirs. The body features Group 4 inspired custom steel fenders, custom air dam, custom decklid, and Pantera Si hood vents.

1971 Pantera with a LS7 V8

The car is powered by 427 ci LS7 V8 built by Thompson Motorsports with forged internals, solid lifter valvetrain, Mast Motorsport camshaft and large-bore heads, Harrop Hurricane ITB intake, and FT500 ECU. One of the most striking modifications is the custom 8-into-1 stainless steel exhaust headers built by GP Headers. To improve weight balance the engine was installed low and as far forward as possible.

Behind the V8 is a Porsche G96.50 transaxle rebuilt with upgraded GT3 parts, billet aluminum flywheel, and 8.5-inch single plate clutch. Gear selection is handled by a Numeric Racing shifter and cable system. The car stops thanks to Wilwood 14-inch brakes with six-piston calipers in front and four-piston calipers in back. Then car rides on a set of Group 4 inspired wheels with 295/30/R18 in front and 345/30/R19 in back.

1971 Pantera with a LS7 V8

7 thoughts on “1971 Pantera with a LS7 V8”

    1. The LS original was suppose to be for Ford but Ford turned it away and Chevy purchased patent. Set of LS heads fit almost perfect on a Windsor small block. Little Fab and they would work….

    2. some people have only one manufacturer name in their mind. who gives a damn about costs when it comes to installing the correct powerplant in an exotic vehicle.

    3. Same power , half price, half the size , aftermarket support . and um dont need to change oil pump gears if you wana put real power to it are a few reasons. i own sevear swapped cars from ls to 5.2 voodoo to coyote , to redeye cudas . and i gota say 5.2 XS aluminator 580 hp . shit for torque 25k dollars IF you you can get one , have one in my mach . 570 hp 427 ls7 great torque . 13k dollars .
      WITH TITANIUM RODS , forged crank and pistons and GOOD oil pump HMMM. let me count the dollars i save and do the entire swap for what the coyote long block costs . not to mention be able to change my spark plugs without pulling the engine lol

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