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Lotus Esprit with a Mercedes V12

Lotus Esprit with a Mercedes M120 V12

Lotusross is the proud owner of this unique Lotus Esprit. The sports car is powered by a 6.0 L Mercedes M120 V12 featuring Chevy LS1 ignition coils, two Mustang 75 mm throttle bodies, and a MS3Pro EVO standalone ECU. The motor mates to a Ferrari F355 six-speed manual transaxle thanks to a custom adapter plate by NAF Mechanical & Custom Machine Shop Services in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The car also features an Racepak IQ3 display dash and Wilwood 12-inch disc brakes.
Update 9-18-20: Added new videos

Lotus Esprit with a Mercedes M120 V12

Source: lotusross via Road&Track

10 thoughts on “Lotus Esprit with a Mercedes V12”

  1. The winner for the most unique/expensive swap goes to the V12 Mercedes powered lotus esprit with a ferrari transaxle.

  2. Just wanted to send a shoutout to Ross.

    I ended up with his first big project, the ’78 BMW V12 Esprit…hopefully he’s still married to #1 after project #2.
    I’m not familiar with this forum, but it’d be fun to probe Ross’ brain someday. I’m planning to drop in VW W8 4.0 (half a Veyron) in the Lotus and bolt it to my brand-new Audi 6 speed and A6 rear axles and Gallardo wheels.
    Ross, I believe is crazier than I am, and I’d really like to have a conversation some day- now that he is bilingual in Wisconsin dialect…something we from Minnesota don’t speak but can generally understand.

    In the meantime I wish you all the best.

    Jon Abeler
    from the holy city of St. Paul

    The Esprit is the only car on the road that doesn’t seem boring like everything else…a half a million dollar museum piece…or another reconstructed me too car for 200 grand on a scripted TV show. Last rant

  3. I was hoping to hear the V12 scream in your video but you are a law-abiding citizen or have to many points against your license! I saw a video where a guy put a tuned exhaust on the MB V12 that made it sound like a F1 car, not sure what the exhaust tube configuration was but you should look for that set-up, think you would like the sound and would suit the car very well. Sounds very Ferrari like. I considered finding a V12 to try dropping it in a SLK but after I saw what it took another guy who did it I decided I would leave the car alone with the Kleemann supercharger and maybe look for another project car like perhaps a Pantera or lotus, I first have to finish my conquers restoration of my Series 1 E Type though. Do you have any videos of the car being pushed harder, exterior or interior, would love to hear the exhaust and see the car perform.

  4. Well, good evening everyone. My name is Jason and I built this car . My last name is Ross and I found this post by accident when looking for some ideas. Jon, would love to hear what happened to Project number 1! I often think of things I could have done better. In terms of this car, I’m still working out the kinks but enjoying ,myself. Don’t be afraid to reach out!

    1. Frederick Obermueller

      So it appears if my observations are correct the MB V12 is the best swap for the Lotus Esprit. I’ve been looking at other V12 mid-engine replicas and kit cars and haven’t found anything. A lot of V8s.
      Did you consider the new V12 corvette engine from down south?

      If you or anybody reading this have any leads please reply

    2. I’ve been fascinated by this swap…I’d like to try it on my own but would need shop. Are there are any you would recommend? Where do I look for a donor car? Are there any chassis that could eb used? (they all seem to be designed for a V8!!!)

  5. The car looks sharp and I am glad that you are able to enjoy it. I have been looking for a V12 midengined transplant, kit car, replica, or project…if you have any leads will respond.
    At least wecan drive still without masks

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