Metro 6R4 Replica with a Turbo Duratec V6

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Metro 6R4 Replica with a Turbo Duratec V6

Ian Oddie from Oddified Racing built every piece on his Metro 6R4 replica. Sitting in the back of the car is a turbocharged 3.0 L Ford Duratec ST220 V6 mated to an Audi tranaxle with a Kaas LSD. The motor was built with forged pistons and rods, ported heads, Piper valve springs, and a GTX3076R turbocharger. It produces 428 horsepower on 0.75 bar (10.8 psi) of boost or 495 horsepower on 1.25 bar (18.1 psi) of boost. The motor is capable of more but the clutch couldn’t handle it. Ian will be upgrading to a twin-disc.

Source: Oddified and Mk1Kieran

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