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2007 Cayman S with 911 Carrera S Engine

2007 Porsche Cayman with 911 Carrera S engine swap

Many owners love the shape of the Cayman but often wish it could have more power like it’s 911 brother. Larry Dye was one such owner except he decided to do something about it.

Larry took his Cayman to Stephen Kaspar at Imagine Auto to swap a 3.8-liter X51 Carrera S crate motor. For intake clearance issues the engine had to be installed lower then normal. APR long-tube headers and a 997 GT2 radiator assembly was installed. The Cayman was taken to TPC in Baltimore to have a custom turbo kit installed. Running 5.5 psi of boost, TCP estimates the car is making at least 545 horsepower and 417 torque.

Larry knew wider tires was required if he intended using the new power. So after searching for a wide body kit, Patrick Patritti was called upon to create the carbon fiber one after seeing his extensive experience creating wide body conversions for 996s and 986 Boxsters. The kit widened the rear approximately seven inches and the front by three inches. Patritti took design cues from the 997 GT2 for the front bumper and the rear used the 997 GT3 as inspiration. The body kit took about six months to complete.

2007 Porsche cayman with 911 Carrera S engine

Exhaust of 2007 Cayman with 911 Carrera engine swap

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