1. WOOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1JZ swapped in R33 Skyline but why?
    i have a question, is this machine for drift or street ride?
    BTW i liked it so much, but that will be Mystery Swap!

  2. Labeeb

    one of the best swap engine i seen
    BTW i am a fan for Mohammed Baniyas
    i saw some of his works on swapping engines
    goodluck guys

  3. people like to discover new ways of choosing the right engine
    i think that is a perfect choice 🙂
    i had found a lot of awesome works of mohammed baniyas
    the newest project is Celica GTS 2zzge 6speed MT in 2009 Corolla
    i think it is the fist 2009 corolla swapped engine
    check this video on youtube

    i like the way they modified their cars 🙂
    Mohammed Baniyas blog http://www.boostholder.net/blog/

  4. Koma

    i love the swap engine after i read this topic
    i like Mohammed Baniyas
    now people called him MHYAAY stand for his name
    i wish the best for him

  5. bob

    sweet car and awesome swap! i got a 91 240 sx se with a 99 skyline moter, 3.5l t. 755 hp, 8.93 sec qt mile run, it slams u back in ur seat like no other car i ran,
    and im make another

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