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Twin-Turbo 7.3 Godzilla V8 Makes 1113 hp

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Merkel Racing Engines Twin-Turbo 7.3 Godzilla V8

Scott Merkel from Merkel Racing Engines and his brother Todd Merkel recently got their hands on Ford’s new 7.3 L Godzilla V8. They planned on testing the limits of the stock engine with help from Jimmy McDonagh, David Henderlong from Michigan Performance Engineering, and Johan Rauchfuss from OBR Control Systems. The Drive states the team started with an upgraded throttle body and OBR calibration which resulted in 540 horsepower. Next they added 1000 cc injectors, two VS Racing 7875 turbochargers, and two intercoolers. The result was 1113 horsepower and 1036 lb-ft (1405 Nm) of torque at 15 psi (1.0 bar) of boost. The next step is building a race version with forged forged pistons, rods, and a lot of goodies.

Todd Merkel, Scott Merkel, David Henderlong, Jimmy McDonagh, and Johan Rauchfuss in front of a Twin-Turbo 7.3 Godzilla V8 at Merkel Racing Engines

Source: The Drive, Todd Merkel, and Johan Opheim Rauchfuss via Piotr

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