Saleen S7 with Twin-turbo Big-block V8

Total Race Saleen S7 with Twin-turbo Big-block V8

While researching on Youtube for another article I came across a video showing Total Race’s twin-turbo V8 powered Saleen S7 being driven. The last time I wrote about this project it had just finished and was being tested. I remember the video of the Saleen on the dyno but I never saw it race.

Total Race Saleen S7 with Twin-turbo Big-block V8

The Saleen is powered by an engine built by Proline Racing who specialize in building powerful engines for professional drag racing. The PLR 481X is their best turbo engine capable of handling 4,000+ horsepower but has been setup to produce between 2,000-2,500 horsepower depending on what type of fuel it is running in the Saleen. A picture of the dyno computer screen shows the car put down 2,281 horsepower and 1,737 lb-ft of torque.

Total Race Saleen S7 with Twin-turbo Big-block V8

You can see how fast the car is when it manages to put “most” of its power to the ground. The video states the Saleen set a 1,000 meter trap speed world record of 233 mph.

These two videos were posted two years ago when it was still being tested but I wanted to include them in case some have not seen them before.

Source: Soundburg Studio Facebook album, DragtimesInfo and Samory111

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