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Supercharged Mustang Cobra Engine in Lincoln Mark VIII

Lincoln Mark VIII

Were tipped off by a reader to their 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII with a 2004 Mustang Cobra engine swap. The engine was upgraded with a Stiegemeier Stage VI supercharger. The Lincoln flows the exhaust out of Kooks coated headers, Lincoln Motor Sports X pipe and mufflers. The power is put down through a 4R70W Stage VI with a single disc torque converter, aluminum drive shaft, 3.27 ratio Trac-loc aluminum differential.

2004 Cobra engine in a Lincoln Mark VIII

2004 Cobra engine

4 thoughts on “Supercharged Mustang Cobra Engine in Lincoln Mark VIII”

  1. I have done the same thing to my 98 LSC. I’ll send photos if you reply (don’t want to post my home email address). Whose tune did you use?

  2. i am in the middle of putting a stock 04 cobra supercharger with 01 cobra heads on my stock 98 lsc with 79k miles ive bought alot of stuff from tork tech including the 4.6 sohc pulley ,torsion bar stuff im trying to reroute the belt that drives the s/c rather than try to change out the timing cover and all the acc. as all the 03,04 cobra timing cover and acc and brackets are nearly impossable to aquire alone w/o buying the entire engine i know someone has done this before i need to talk to them i have a bunch of questions i know there are easier ways to s/c a mark but i want the cobra s/c on it please contact me if you have a cobra s/c on your lincoln short block thanks.

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