1974 Nova with a Turbo 13B Two-Rotor Goes 9.55 sec

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1974 Chevy Nova with a turbo 13B two-rotor

The owner of this unique Mazda rotary powered 1972 Nova traveled to Thunder Valley Raceway Park in Lexington, Oklahoma for a test and tune. While there they ran a personal best ET of 9.552 sec at 144.41 mph. Under the Nova’s hood sits a turbocharged 1.3 L 13B-RE two-rotor built by RotaryEngine.com making 625 whp on 30 psi of boost. It features a large street port, G42-1200 turbocharger, two Tial 38 mm wastegates, Rotary Works 90 mm throttle body, and Haltech PS1000 ECU. The engine is fed fuel through Seimens 220 lb primary injectors and Moran 325 lb secondary injectors from a Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump and regulator. A GForce G101a four-speed transmssion with a Clutch Masters twin-disc clutch sends power to a GM 12-bolt rear end with a Trutrac LSD and 4.88 gears.

1974 Chevy Nova with a turbo 13B two-rotor

Source: 13BRENOVA

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