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For Sale: 1991 Mercedes 500SL with a 2JZ

1991 Mercedes 500SL with 2JZ-GTE

This 1991 Mercedes 500SL convertible is being sold by Power Vehicles at Ebisu Circuit, Fukushima, Japan. The car is powered by a 600 horsepower 2JZ-GTE with a HKS T45 turbocharger and six-speed manual transmission. The car is listed on their site in the “over 850,000 JPY” ($6,843 in US dollars) so you can expect this car to be more than that.

While researching I found this video and pictures from (I assume) the previous owner or seller.

1991 Mercedes 500SL with 2JZ-GTE

1991 Mercedes 500SL with 2JZ-GTE

Source: Power Vehicles Facebook post via OppositeLock

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