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Ariel Atom V8 from Two Suzuki Hayabusa Engines

V8 made using twin hayabusa engines

The Ariel Atom normally comes either with a supercharged Honda Civic Type-R K20 or a supercharged 2.0L GM Ecotec engine but Ariel is working with Hartley Enterprises on developing a V8 using two Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle heads. The engine is estimated to make 500 horsepower and redline at 10,000 rpm. Of course that kind of rarity and power doesn’t come cheap. The engine is estimated to cost $50,000.

Source: Autocar via Autoblog via CarDomain blog

5 thoughts on “Ariel Atom V8 from Two Suzuki Hayabusa Engines”

  1. This engine will be mounted transverse right? thats why there is the driveshaft going down the front of the block, i wonder how long it will take someone to make something all wheel drive with this

  2. the ariel atom supposed to go as fast as the suzuki hayabusa or even faster with 2 suzuki hayabubusa engines

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