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Yamaha Rhino with 1000 cc R1 Motorcycle Engine

Yamaha Rhino with 1000 cc R1 Motorcycle Engine

This Yamaha Rhino ATV was built by Dark Side Fabrications from Mesa, Arizona. The factory 421 cc engine has been replaced by a 1000 cc inline-four from a Yamaha R1 motorcycle. The larger engine is making around 180 horsepower. They also installed a long travel suspension to handle the increased power while off roading.

Source: Dark Side Fab

18 thoughts on “Yamaha Rhino with 1000 cc R1 Motorcycle Engine”

  1. your 1000cc convertion on your rhino is impressive , i’ve been wanting to do this for a while . i was hoping to get so install info from you , mainly how you conected your drive line? and have you had failure issues with the stock diff?

  2. i would like some details on your swap if you wouldent mind. I was considering putting a 1000 turbo from an apex sled wondering if you had considered that opption or herd of any reason someone has not done it yet

  3. Ryan I would suggest you contact Darkside Fabrications (website no loner active). They would be able to give you a lot more details. If you do happen to complete that swap please let us know. We would love to see it.

  4. I was woundering if you had some instrucketion for this swap because my friends and I have been looking around, and bought a 04 rhino and was wondering if you had thoughs instrucktiong so we could do it in my garage. Thank you if you could help us out.

  5. i still have my original 660 rhino motor available if someone needs one i did a similar conversion to my rhino i fitted a honda vtr1000 engene thanks hannes

  6. I have a 98′ VTR1000 engine that I want to put my Rhino. Any and all suggestions would be very helpfull. I am a 15+year marine diesel tech with the tools and balls to do it. Please call me anytime at 561-932-2603 or send me an email with any help. Thanks, Brad Ryder, Icon Diesel Service, West Palm Beach, FL. 33407

  7. My 09 700 rinho has pulked the motor twice.With no help from yamaha I don’t want to spend another 2900 hundred on a rebuild.This machine has only 70 hrs. Is the r1 the way to go,I would like to keep the 4×4. thanks

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