Aardema-Braun 920 hp Custom 6.0 L V12

custom 6.0 L V12 built by Pete Aardema and Kevin Braun

Pete Aardema and Kevin Braun spent three years developing their custom 60-degree 369 ci V12. It features a custom aluminum block with a custom SCAT crankshaft, Carillo rods, CP pistons, billet girdle, and dry sump system. The team made the heads using IRL Aurora V8 heads. They cut one cylinder off the V8 head and welded them together on the factory end (non-cut side). The naturally aspirated V12 produces 920 horsepower at 9800 rpm. Listen as Pete and Braun explain the engine to Greg Quirin and then hear the engine run in the second video.

Source: Greg Quirin

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