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4 Piston Racing’s 1000+ hp Turbo K24

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4 Piston Racing K24-KT1000 inline-four

4 Piston Racing (4P) in Danville, Indiana is known for building powerful Honda engines. Their K24-KT1000 inline-four is built to make 1000+ horsepower on E85 fuel. The motor features a TSX K24A1 block with RR ductile iron sleeves and cooper o-rings, Wiseco Boostline steel rod, Wiseco HD flat-top pistons, and 4P ported oil pump. On top sits their Pro CNC head with Ferrea valvetrain, and 4P billet Turbo iVTEC camshafts. 4 Piston Racing tested one of their K24-KT1000 motors with a Precision 7285 turbocharger, SpeedFactory exhaust manifold and intercooler, and Skun2 intake. The motor made made 1,042 hp at 9,800 rpm on 33 psi of boost. Read more about it at Wiseco’s blog.

4 Piston Racing K24-KT1000 inline-four

Source: 4 Piston Racing FB page and Boostline Products

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