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Pure Automotive Performance Scion FRS Sets North American Record

Pure Automotive Scion FR-S With A 2JZ

Congratulations to Pure Automotive Performance for setting a North American record for the fastest and quickest FRS/BRZ. In only their second test pass for Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals they set a 9.314 sec quarter-mile at 145.06 mph in their recently completed 2JZ powered Scion FRS. This was an improvement over their first pass of 9.635 sec at 145.33 mph. They think there is still more left and hope to break into the high-8s soon. We will continue to update this article if they improve on their record.

Update 11/8/2015 – PAP reset the record to 9.217 sec at 150.33 mph

Update 11/9/2015 – Video of 9.217 sec run

Pure Automotive 2JZ powered FRS sets North American Record time slip

Pure Automotive Scion FR-S With A 2JZ

If you would like to see more photos and stats about this project please read our previous article.

Source: Pure Automotive Performance FB post

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