Mid-Engine V8 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Genesis V8 in a Genesis Coupe

Rhys Millen Racing is building a mid-engine RWD Hyundai Genesis coupe for SEMA 2009. The engine is the 4.6L V8 from a Genesis sedan. About the only change to the engine will be new pistons that should up the compression to 10.9:1 or possibly 11:1. Edmunds guesses the engine will be putting out around 450 horsepower. Getting the power from the engine will be a Mendeola S5 sequential gearbox. As you can see from the photos a lot is being done to the body to accept a mid-engine placement. The car will have a rear hatch so someone can access the engine if needed. It will also have a large sneeze guard installed in the hatch so as to keep the SEMA fans from getting too close.

mid-engine V8 genesis coupe

Source: TopSpeed

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