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Supercharged 7.3 L Godzilla V8 Makes 1317 hp on Dyno

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Supercharged 7.3 L Godzilla V8 on Dandy Engines' dyno

Last year Heath Moore from Harrop visited with Frank Marchese at Dandy Engines to test a supercharged 7.3 L Godzilla V8 on the dyno. The motor featured factory internals, 102 mm throttle body, and Harrop TVS2650 supercharger. The motor produced 1015 hp and 988 lb-ft of torque on E85 fuel and 20 psi of boost.

This year Heath visited Frank at Dandy Engines to see what the supercharged Godzilla V8 could do with upgraded parts. The motor was rebuilt with forged rods and pistons, upgraded camshafts and pushrods, upgraded valve springs, external oil pump, 115 mm throttle body, and 12pk belt drive. They retained the factory crankshaft and lifters. The result was 1317 hp and 1158 lb-ft of torque on 19 psi of boost.

naturally aspirated and supercharged Godzilla V8 Dandy Engines dyno results

Source: HarropTV

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