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Honda NSX with a LS7 V8


After racing this 1991 NSX for six years in mostly NASA & NSX-only events, Ms. Badwrench Racing decided to build what they call “the Ultimate NSX Hybrid“. They were going to take the factory Honda C30A V6 and replace it with a GM LS7 V8. Their goal was to make a streetable car that resembled a Daytona Prototype or ALMS GT-1 racecar.


The LS7 engine will produce 750 horsepower and 700 torque running on E-85 ethanol. The engine will be similar to the one that Katech builds for the Trophy Truck class in off-road racing.


The transaxle will be a Porsche G50-50 five speed box that was built by California Motorsports. The builders picked this transaxle because of its strength. They claim it was Porsche’s strongest because of its 9″ ring gear. It also has billet shift forks, steel synchros, a moly LSD, inverted oiling system, and a CMS side-shift conversion. Also used was a custom 9 lb. lightweight flywheel and a 3 disc carbon-carbon clutch.


The rear axle centerline was moved 3 inches to the rear and the front axle centerline was moved forward 2 inches. This added 5 extra inches to the wheelbase to bring the total up to 105 inches. They also widened the track by 5.5 inches for a total of 78 inches.


The brakes will be Brembo ceramic-composite 15″ rotors used on the ZR-1 Corvette. The wheels will be BBS Monoblock centerlock wheels and Michelin racing tires. These are the same ones used on the former Corvette GT-1 program.

Acura NSX with LS7 V8

The suspension will use a horizontally-opposed Penske lightweight coilover shocks (series 8300). This modification places the shocks in a much lower center-of-gravity position, while also facilitating much easier access for set-up purposes. It will also feature a experimental custom front suspension (which is trying to be patented). This allows the driver to adjust the front camber by a + or – 7 degrees while driving.

Acura NSX with LS7 V8

The target weight of the car was 2600 lbs. All the glass is Lexan but the windows will be able to be opened. The rest of the body will be made of carbon fiber. The front and rear will be clam-shell style full carbon tilt pieces.

Acura NSX with LS7 V8

Source: LS7NSX (build site) and NSXPrime (build thread)

11 thoughts on “Honda NSX with a LS7 V8”

    1. Inexpensive ls3 would have been wiser, albeit no replacement for displacement. Overhead cams are no longer and all be all. Thank you Chevy. And they’re a dime a dozen, easier to work on, dimensions are smaller lighter with less moving parts that sooner rather than later will require elbow grease and $$$$$$$$$$$

    2. well if u think an engine tht comes out the factory with a little over 700 hp is crap then theres something wrong with u in my opinion take any of the jz engines or any other commen engine used by tuners anf but it up against an lsx (both engines completly stock the lsx will win… and an lsx is a well overpowered swap for this car it needs a v8 but not tht powerful of one 😀

  1. Shane, the stock C30A was a crappy engine made for the Acura Legend luxury coupe. The 2nd gen motor C32B was vastly improved but still not much better. GM LSx engines are on the top platform for value for performance and arguably the equivalent to capability as its JDM counterparts RB and 2JZ but with a larger bore.

  2. is it wrong that the fist thing I thought when I saw the pic of the girls was “Bitch get that drill away from that door”

  3. hello,, i have a 91 NSX and i am really interested in doing a swap like this,, maybe not to this extent but i would like some more information of how i can put an LSX motor instead of the current engine which lacks alot of potential to this car… can you please reply to my email or give me a number where i can call you to ask you some questions please? how much money would a project like this approximately need?

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