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Mazda RX-8 with a Turbo K24

Mazda RX-8 with a turbo Honda K24 inline-four

Craig Taylor at Dynotorque is back with another project. This time he’s building a track car using a Mazda RX-8. In the engine bay he’s swapping a turbocharged 2.4 L Honda K24 inline-four capable of 400-420 horsepower. The motor features stock internals, K20 oil pump, Garrett GT3076 turbocharger, RW-Developments custom exhaust manifold, Turbosmart electric wastegate, and Emerald ECU. Craig is also installing a ZF 8HP70 eight-speed automatic transmission thanks to an adapter plate and TurboLamik TCU. The rest of the drivetrain consists of a two-piece driveshaft and RX-8 rear end with an aftermarket limited-slip differential.

Source: Driftworks

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