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Ford Transit with a Twin-Turbo Chevy V8

Ford Transit with a twin-turbo Chevy V8

Ashley Cooper owns a fast third generation Ford Transit. Mk1Kieran reports the van is powered by a twin-turbo 400 ci Chevy V8 making around 1000+ horsepower. It features water injection, Precision 6766 turbochargers, and Carburetor Solutions Unlimited 850 cfm carburetor. Behind the motor sits a TH400 automatic transmission and 9-inch rear end with. The van weighs 4200 lb with driver thanks to all steel body. Watch Ashley make several 9-second passes at Santa Pod Raceway with the best being 9.683 sec at 144.82 mph.

Ford Transit with a twin-turbo Chevy V8

Source: Mk1Kieran

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