For Sale: Lamborghini Diablo with a LS3

Lamborghini Diablo with a LS3

If you have been searching for something with supercar looks but with a drivetrain you can have serviced without breaking the bank then this Diablo might be for you. A 1995 Lamborghini Diablo with a 6.2 L LS3 and Porsche G50 transaxle has been listed on eBay. The car was originally purchased with fire damage and without a drivetrain. Since the engine conversion the car now gets better fuel economy, more power, and is much cheaper to service. For more information and photos please view the listing or read our feature article on it.

Lamborghini Diablo with a LS3

Lamborghini Diablo with a LS3

Lamborghini Diablo with a LS3

Lamborghini Diablo with a LS3

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  1. MOPARfan

    So let me get this straight, someone bought fire damaged Diablo without a drivetrain, put an LS3 in it and now they’re selling it… What’s up with that? Sounds like someone decided to earn some cash, rather than to build a reliable Lambo.

    • I can understand your thinking but how can we assume what the owner’s intentions are? Maybe the owner needs the money for an unforeseen expense. Or maybe he is just trying to figure what the car is worth. It is difficult to estimate what this car might be worth on the open market since there are few like it.

      • MOPARfan

        It’s worth a lot less than the original Diablo, that’s for sure. I mean sure it could anything, but offten things like this are done to earn quick cash rather than to enjoy the car. If it’s the case then engine choice makes even more sense than in version of creating a reliable Lambo.

        • CSRT4

          I think the value is still mostly there just lowered to a certain degree. It’d still be a fun car and at least the engine would be cheaper to maintain than the Lamborghini v12.

  2. Benji

    I know it’s way later but thought I’d reply to this since I’m the owner and some may be wondering. I was going to sell and use the money to pay off my mortgage for early retirement, it was a very hard decision to make considering the time and expense in it to make it more practical for my needs. I figure anything could sell for a certain price and if not met then I would keep it. I have decided to keep the car and have enjoying putting miles on it (currently 8k). Sometimes spending so much time in my instance 8 years building the car can get wearing people do that all the time. I try to think practical, and in doing so if I find myself not getting a fair amount of use out of the car I’d rather put the money somewhere else more useful if that makes sence. The car has no issues and I wouldn’t have changed anything if done over….ok…maybe a couple turbos but maybe later. It is perfect for seone that wants to drive an exotic without the expense. Even the purchase price of half the diablos value would be fair for a useful, reliable exotic.


  3. Bryan

    I agree with the concept. Let’s face it the people that buy new exotics don’t consider this and really don’t have issues with garage mechanics building these cars. As they are so many generations away from the current Hurac├ín or Aventador etc.

    It does irritate me when people find fault and judge the creativity of people buying old Mopars, Chevy’s and creating Resto-Rods (or doing exotics like this). This is a free country and the engineering and fabrication that has to be done to make these viable and functional vehicles is amazing. I say if you have a dream and want to build it – DO IT. Buying a fire or flood damaged exotic has no value even if it was restored with proper V12. Its salvage title would NEVER sell to a person that could afford the complete real deal. So that being the case why not drop in a bullet proof LS power plant and if you had to sell it – the market is far greater to the average person that wants an exotic that once adorned his/her walls a kid than a millionaire that would run from a car with salvage history.

    Seems to me the only thing I would have done is take notes and make templates on everything done via trial and error and start looking for more salvage title Diablo’s (or other like exotics) and create a cost effective repeatable process to drive the fixed cost down and then sell them at an aggressive/competitive price point. Turn it into a business and throw up the middle finger to all the haters. (Fun fact 90% of the so called purists judgemental posts are from ppl that one don’t have the guts to take on a project like this OR couldn’t afford the real deal and/or the project you’ve completed).

    Respect and thank you for saving one more bad ass car from the junk yard.

    • Greg

      Benji, I am building a Diablo replica on a tube chassis. The chassis is basically identical to the original car. I have a brand new crate LS3/480. Do you mind if I ask, did you consider a Mendeola trans at all? If so, why did you choose the G50? I’m comparing both of those trans’s now & trying to decide for myself is why I ask. Also, what oil pan did you end up using? Your engine looks like it sits nice & low in the chassis, which is what I’m going for too. Please feel free to email me directly if you want, greg at gdowney (dot) com. Thank you very much for your help, and congratulations on completing one “Devil” of a project!

  4. Dave

    Benji, I like the concept. If you’re not building anymore of these cars, then whom would you recommend to be honest and talented enough to drop and LS3 into these cars and build to completion?

    Thank You
    P.S. Read your article & realistic on the

  5. Benji

    Trying to source someone for such a project would be a real challenge, alot would depend on the condition of the original car to begin with. Not sure the price someone would charge would be worth it in the end. I’m not really a car builder but did all my own work from pure motivation. I have approximately 85k not including my labor in this project, you can guess someone charging at least 50k on top of that for labor, you can purchase a V12 car in the relm you would spend, so unless you do it yourself it’s not worth it. I had decided to keep my car because of the uniqueness and usefulness. Hope this isn’t to discouraging, feel free to ask me any questions.


  6. Benji

    Sorry for the late reply, had email issues. Probably nothing less then 95k. I figure around 10k for my 8 years of labor would be fair. People that typically sell a car they build lose money but this car isn’t a typical car or build. I couldn’t let is this one go with a loss.

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