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1957 Ford Custom 300 with a 700 hp 326 ci V8

Scottie caught up with John Jennings for the debut of his newest creation, a 1957 Ford Custom 300 called “700 Proof.” The car’s name and design was influenced by moonshine runner vehicles. The name also refers to the 700 horsepower (to the wheels) Ford V8 under the hood. The engine is a 326 ci (5.3 L) Brenspeed B326 Ford 3v V8. John says the three-valve was chosen over the four-valve because the three-valve flows better for the Edelbrock E-Force supercharger installed on top. The engine also has ported heads and forged internals. Behind the engine sits a Ford 4R70W four-speed automatic transmission with a Powertrain Control Solutions electronic shift controller.

Source: ScottieDTV

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