1997 Prelude with a Turbo K20

1997 Honda Prelude with a turbo K20 inline-four

Dominik Przystasz wanted more power out of his 1997 Honda Prelude. He originally planned on a turbocharger kit but realized he wanted something a little more unique. So Dominik sent the Prelude to Łukasz Szymański and his company Empire Racing Engineering in Stare Babice, Poland for an engine swap. Łukasz replaced the factory 2.2 L … Read more

Mazda RX-7 with a 600+ hp Turbo 13B-RE

Mazda RX-7 with a turbo 13B-RE two-rotor

The “JET7” Mazda RX-7 was rebuilt by Pac Performance into an 8-second street car for owner Jim Toska. The company built and installed a turbocharged 13B-RE (JC Cosmo) bridgeport two-rotor that makes 600+ horsepower to the rear wheels on E85 fuel. The motor features a Garrett GTX45 turbocharger, TurboSmart ProGate 50 wastegate, 2000 cc injectors, … Read more

1949 Hudson Super Six with a Supercharged LS9 V8

1949 Hudson Super Six with a Supercharged LS9 V8

ICON 4×4 debuted their newest Derelict, a 1949 Hudson Super Six Coupe at Monterey Car Week. The car rides on Art Morrison subframes mounted to the factory Monobuilt unibody with fully independent suspension, adjustable coilovers, and Flaming River steering rack. Under the hood sits a supercharged LS9 V8 making 478 horsepower and 457 lb-ft of … Read more

1947 Dodge Truck with a Viper V10

1947 Dodge Truck with a Viper V10

This custom 1947 Dodge pickup is being built by Divers Street Rods in Sultan, Washington. It rides on a custom Art Morrison chassis with a Viper V10 mated to a TCI 6x six-speed automatic transmission. The company expects the V10 to make 600 horsepower when finished. The body features a chopped and wedged roof, front … Read more

For Sale: Audi S2 with a 6.0 L W12

Audi S2 with a 6.0 L W12

This 1991 Audi S2 race car is for sale in Budapest, Hungary for €11,451 or about $12,711. Under the hood sits a 6.0 L W12 making 450 horsepower and 580 Nm of torque. The engine features an aftermarket ECU, oil cooler, two cable-driven throttle bodies, and straight exhaust with x-pipe. Since the engine takes up … Read more