Nissan R32 Skyline with a Turbo Barra Inline-Six

Nissan R32 Skyline with a Ford Barra inline-six

Dennis O’Malley built his Nissan R32 Skyline GTS-T at his company Grim Performance in Hornsby, New South Wales, Australia. In the engine bay sits a turbocharged 4.0 L Ford Barra inline-six built by Micks Motorsport. The engine features forged internals, Plazman intake, Deka 2400 cc injectors, Precision 6766 turbocharger, and Haltech Elite 2500 ECU. It’s … Read more

1994 Mercedes Wagon with a Turbo LSx V8 – Part 15

1994 Mercedes W124 E320 with a turbo LSx V8

Deboss Garage is back with an update on their 1994 Mercedes W124 E320 wagon project. It’s been over a year since their last update and in that time discovered issues with the custom wiring harness. Watch the team replace it with a new Holley Terminator X ECU and wiring harness. Source: Deboss Garage

1967 Camaro with a Mercury Racing 7.0 L SB4 V8

1967 Camaro with a Mercury Racing 7.0 L SB4 V8

Roadster Shop built this 1967 Camaro at their company in Mundelein, Illinois. The car rides on their first generation Camaro SPEC chassis with a triangulated 4-Bar rear suspension, Baer brakes, and adjustable coilovers. Under the hood sits a 7.0 L SB4 V8 built by Mercury Racing producing 750 horsepower at 8,000 rpm. Behind the engine … Read more

BMW E30 with a Supercharged N62 V8

BMW E30 with a Supercharged N62 V8

This BMW E30 was built by Jacob Sport in Lescar, France. The cutout in the hood reveals a Mercedes E55 AMG supercharger on top of a BMW 4.8 L N62B48 V8. The unique combination produces around 500 horsepower. The V8 also features M62 oil pump, lower compression from head gasket, and custom exhaust manifolds. Source: … Read more

Lincoln Town Car with a Cobra Supercharged V8

Lincoln Town Car with a Cobra supercharged 4.6 L V8

Santiago Rodriguez enjoyed driving his 2004 Mustang SVT Cobra but a growing family make it impractical. So after selling it, he set out to build his version of a four-door Cobra. He started with a Lincoln Town Car that he sent to Temple Performance. There the company installed a supercharged 4.6 L V8 from a … Read more