Golf Mk2 with a 1192 hp Turbo VR6

Golf Mk2 with a turbo R30 VR6

Team Rühle Racing and their Golf Mk2 visited Lausitzring track in Klettwitz, Brandenburg, Germany for L8-Night Race Day 2020. While there the team’s best quarter-mile was 8.891 sec at 262.938 km/h (163.382 mph). The car is powered by a turbocharged 3.0 L VR6 producing 1192 horsepower and 1035 Nm (763 lb-ft) of torque on 2 … Read more

RWD Golf Mk3 with a BMW V8

RWD Golf Mk3 with a BMW M62 V8

Mike Day built his RWD Golf Mk3 at ECS Tuning in Wadsworth, Ohio. It took him three months to transform the drift machine from a rolling shell. The Golf rides on a custom tubular front and C-notched rear frame. The front suspension uses modified Mk3 knuckles, Bilstein PSS9 adjustable coilovers, and Nissan S13 steering rack … Read more

Golf Mk4 Five-Door Hatchback with a R32 Powertrain

Golf Mk4 5-door hatch with a VR6 and AWD drivetrain

The owner of this custom Golf wanted the convenience of a five-door hatchback but the performance of an R32. Since Volkswagen never sold the five-door in the USA, the owner built his own. The unique creation starts with a 2000 Golf 1.8T five-door hatchback body and chassis. Then he installed the powertrain and interior from … Read more