Golf Mk4 Five-Door Hatchback with a R32 Powertrain

Golf Mk4 5-door hatch with a VR6 and AWD drivetrain

The owner of this custom Golf wanted the convenience of a five-door hatchback but the performance of an R32. Since Volkswagen never sold the five-door in the USA, the owner built his own. The unique creation starts with a 2000 Golf 1.8T five-door hatchback body and chassis. Then he installed the powertrain and interior from … Read more

Golf Mk4 with a 1200+ hp Turbo VR6

Golf Mk4 with a turbo R30 VR6

Kevin Buczior and his VW Golf attended the L8 Night & TTT Halfmile event at EuroSpeedway Lausitz in Klettwitz, Germany. While there he was able to reach 305.38 km/h (189.75 mph) in the half-mile on 2.2 bar (31.9 psi) of boost. The car was built using a Golf Mk4 R32 body with a carbon fiber … Read more

Golf Mk1 with a Turbo 2.0 L Sets European FWD Record

Adrenalin Tuning Golf Mk1 with a turbo 2.0 L 16v inline-four

Adrenalin Tuning and their Golf Mk1 set a new European FWD record with a 8.254 sec quarter-mile at 278.51 km/h (173.05 mph) while at Santa Pod Raceway for VW Action 2019. The Golf is powered by a 2.0 L 16v ABF inline-four making 1,000+ horsepower. The engine features NG Motorsports cnc-ported head, TurboTotal Garrett G42 … Read more

16Vampir Golf Mk1 with 1151 hp Goes 8.20 sec

16Vampir Golf Mk1 with a turbo 2.0 L inline-four

The 16Vampir Golf Mk1 recently set a new World Record with a 8.20 sec at 273.45 km/h at Public Race Days 2019 in Hockenheim, Germany. They achieved this record thanks to a turbocharged 2.0 L 16v (ABF) inline-four making 1151 hp and 1000 Nm (737 lb-ft) of torque on 3.8 bar (55.1 psi) and E85 … Read more