S15 with Supra 2JZ

When Driftworks decided they needed a new car they decided to use the trusted S15 platform and the bulletproof Toyota 2JZ engine. This project was very difficult taking roughly 18 months. Just about every component on the car had to have some custom work on it. Using 15.9 psi, the engine is putting out 569 … Read more

LS9 Crate Engine

GM Performance Parts is debuting their LS9 crate motor at SEMA 2008. Jalopnik points out the current Z06 engine costs $14K so one can expect to pay more, possible a lot more for this motor. The great thing about this being offered as a crate engine is you no longer have to wait for a … Read more

Alfa Romeo with Mustang V8 Upsets Carscoop

Alfa Romeo with Mustang V8

Carscoop has plenty to say about this 1975 Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce. They point out the issues with the body modifications and the choice of a Mustang swapped engine. Of course we respect everyone’s opinion and they are entitled to theirs but it seems they missed the point when it comes to these particular … Read more

Video of 2JZ Powered Camaro

We mentioned on here before that EVS Motors was building a 2JZ-GTE powered 1967 Camaro. Well they didn’t quite get their intended horsepower level of 1,000. The video states the engine is running around 28 psi of boost delivering around 800 horsepower. Which you can see in the video below. EVS Motors Presents The Worlds … Read more