EKanoo Racing’s 2JZ Powered Toyota 86

EKanoo Racing's 2013 Toyota 86 with a 2JZ

The number of Toyota 86s with 2JZ swaps are growing everyday. EKanoo Racing has posted videos of their 2JZ powered 2013 Toyota 86 and something that stood out besides the power, was all the factory gauges and controls work with the swap. They were able to get the A/C, power steering, ABS, TCS, nav system, … Read more

Toyota’s 3.4L V8 Yaris Concept

I love and hate concepts. I love them because I get to see what engineers can develop when they are factory backed and allowed to go crazy. I hate them because many concepts are never put into production and rarely get sold to the public. Toyota just reveled some more information on their Yaris Hybrid-R … Read more

Nissan Titan Turbo 5.0L Diesel V8

Swappers are going to have a nice new engine to pull from in the future. Nissan has partnered with Cummins to bring a turbocharged 5.0L V8 to the next-generation Titan. The engine produces 300 horsepower and “mid-500s” lb-ft of torque. Source: Press Release @ Autoblog and more info @ Truckin