2007 Cayman S with 911 Carrera S Engine

Many owners love the shape of the Cayman but often wish it could have more power like it’s 911 brother. Larry Dye was one such owner except he decided to do something about it. Larry took his Cayman to Stephen Kaspar at Imagine Auto to swap a 3.8-liter X51 Carrera S crate motor. For intake … Read more

Porsche Cayman GTR

Farnbacher offers a Cayman with a Porsche 911 S engine. The 3.8L X-51 engine sports 395 horsepower. Farnbacher claims that since the Cayman is more balanced and has the ability to be better then the 911 given more horsepower. Farnbacher charges $39,500. Car and Driver said their test vehicle, which happened to be the best … Read more