Video of LS1 Swap in Civic

Swapping a LS1 drivetrain in a Civic would probably equal one fast and hard to control vehicle. Well thanks to someone with a video camera we can hear and see this crazy engine swap. Source: Carscoop

2007 Civic with a Type R K20A

What does $15K in mods get you? One hell of a sleeper. This 2007 Civic LX has a 2.0 L K20A Type R from JE Import Performance. The entire swap took four and half months and cost $15,649.95 with $8,500 just for the swap. Source: Flickr

1978 Civic with a Supercharged V8

We found this post over at showing off a drag 1978 Civic with a supercharged V8. We don’t know much about this car but it looks pretty cool with those slicks tucked up under the fiberglass body and most of the supercharger above the hood line. This really is more like a very short … Read more

1996 Civic HB with LS1

Well I don’t know if this is the first one ever attempted but I never have seen this done before. The best way to describe this swap would be to take a complete corvette drivetrain and slap a civic hatchback body over it. This swap includes the engine, transaxle, torque tube, front suspension, and even … Read more