Civic EK with a K24

Civic EK with a K24 inline-four

This Honda Civic EK was built by Jorge Ortiz’s race team Racefactory in Puerto Rico. The sixth-gen Civic is powered by a naturally-aspirated K24 inline-four featuring stock sleeves bored .020-inch over, Supertech 4032 pistons, Brian Crower H-beam lightweight rods, 4Piston ported K24A2 head, Drag Cartel Elite Endurance camshafts, and Ferrea valvetrain. It runs on One … Read more

AWD Civic Shuttle with a Turbo K20

AWD Civic Shuttle with a turbo K20 inline-four

This 1988 Civic Shuttle was built by Ottimoto Racing in Magdeburg, Germany. The wagon came from the factory with a D16A6 inline-four and RT4WD drivetrain. However it’s now powered by a turbocharged Honda K20A2 inline-four sitting under a custom carbon fiber hood. The motor features a Garrett GT42 turbocharger, Schmidtmotoring ported head, 4Pistons 6.5 mm … Read more

AWD Civic with a 1100 hp Turbo H22

AWD 1998 Civic with a Turbo Honda H22 inline-four

Aaron Lopez built and races a very fast 1998 Civic hatchback. The car is powered by a turbocharged 2.2 L H22 inline-four producing 1100 horsepower at 50 psi of boost from a Precision PT7685 turbocharger. Aaron built the motor using a sleeved H22A4 block, Traum pistons, R&R rods, ported head, Ferrea valvetrain, ID 1700 cc … Read more

AWD Civic with a Turbo B18

AWD Civic RTSi with a Turbo B18 inline-four

Arthur Wisniewski‘s rare Civic RTSi came from Honda with a 1.6 L D16Z6 inline-four and all-wheel drive. He’s spent the last three years upgrading the Civic for the street and drag strip. The car is now powered by a turbocharged 2.0 L B18 inline-four. The engine features a sleeved B18B1 block, Speed Factory Racing 84 … Read more

RWD Civic with a Mid-Engine Turbo K24 Inline-Four

Honda Civic with a mid-engine turbo K24 inline-four

This custom RWD Civic was built by Michael Coba from CobaRace in Russia. The project starts with a Honda Civic EK3 body and custom tubular chassis with Accord subframes and suspension. In the back of the vehicle sits a turbocharged 2.4 L K24A inline-four and manual transmission with a Competition ceramic clutch. The engine makes … Read more