For Sale: 1983 Civic Wagon with a B18 Inline-Four

1983 Honda Civic wagon with a B18B1 inline-four

This 1983 Honda Civic wagon is for sale in in St. Louis, Missouri for $25,000 OBO. The car was built by Rutledge Wood and Charles Warren of Mainstream Performance (MP). The car features a 1.8 L B18B1 inline-four from a 1995 Acura Integra LS that makes 140 horsepower with custom MP intake and upgraded headers. … Read more

Video of RWD Honda Civic with a 3UZ V8 Drifting

RWD Honda Civic with a 3UZ V8

1116Auto built their wild RWD Civic for drifting and since finishing the project we’ve been eagerly waiting to hear that 4.3 L 3UZ V8 at full throttle. Well the wait is over as Japan D1 Pro Drifter Pond-Daychapon was lucky enough to pilot the Civic for some test laps around Pathum Thani Speedway in Thailand. … Read more

RWD Honda Civic with a 3UZ V8 Update

RWD Honda Civic with a 3UZ V8

It’s been two months since we first shared the unique RWD Civic drift project being built by 1116Auto in Thailand. Since then the company finished working on the project and will soon make its debut at the Honda Fest 2019 on January 26th in Bangkok, Thailand. For those unfamiliar with the project, the Civic EG6 … Read more

Honda Civic with a Turbo VW 2.0 L Inline-Four

Honda Civic with a turbo VW 2.0 L inline-four

Daniel Shimp wanted more power in his 2004 Volkswagen Jetta Mk4 so he turbocharged the 2.0 L 8v inline-four. After the engine developed some issues he decided to replace it with a VR6. He tried to give away the turbocharged inline-four but no one wanted it. So it was about to be recycled when a … Read more

RWD Honda Civic with a 3UZ V8

RWD Honda Civic with a 3UZ V8

This custom Civic hatchback is being built by 1116Auto in Thailand for one lucky drifter. They are converting the Civic to RWD using Nissan S13/S14 subframes and suspension. The powertrain consists of a 4.3 L Toyota 3UZ V8 connected to a BMW transmission and Nissan GTR differential. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find or understand … Read more