Honda Civic with a 1,044 hp Turbo B18 Inline-Four

Honda Civic with a turbo B18 inline-four

Steeve Durante and his MTR Motorsport Honda Civic EG recently set a French FWD record with a 8.869 sec quarter-mile at 164.86 mph. Under the hood sits a turbocharged B18C inline-four producing 1,044 horsepower on 2.7 bar (39.1 psi) of boost. The engine sends the power to the front wheels through a Quaife ATB helical … Read more

AWD Civic with 1400 hp Turbo K-Series Inline-Four

AWD Civic with turbo K-series inline-four

Andre Simon from High Performance Academy talked to Norris Prayoonto from Prayoonto Racing to talk about their AWD Civic EG. Norris explained the Civic is powered by a turbocharged 2.2 L K-series inline-four built by Prayoonto Racing estimated to make 1300-1400 horsepower on 70 psi of boost. The engine features a sleeved block, Brian Crower … Read more

RWD Civic with a Stroked 2.5 L K24

Honda Civic EG6 with a K24 inline-four and RWD drivetrain

José Dinis de Matos has invested a lot of time and effort converting his Honda Civic EG6 to rear-wheel drive at his garage in the Portuguese Republic. At the heart of the project is a stroked 2.5 L K24 inline-four making around 350 horsepower. The engine features a K24A3 block, Accord Euro-R head, Wiseco pistons, … Read more

Civic EG6 with a 2.7 L K24

Honda Civic EG6 with a 2.7 L K24 inline-four

René Köchli has competed in Swiss hillclimbing for several years in his Honda Civic EG6 hatchback. The car has seen three iterations and several engine swaps. The current engine is a 2.7 L K24 inline-four built by Veicomer in Loures, Portugal. The engine features a Darton sleeved block, 4Piston stroker kit, billet 106 mm crank, … Read more

Honda Civic with a Turbo B-Series Inline-Four

Honda Civic with a Turbo B-Series Inline-Four

The owner of this sixth generation Honda Civic rebuilt the B-series inline-four days before taking it 10’s at the drag strip. The engine features a B18B2 bottom end, filled block, B16A head, Peakboost Ramhorn exhaust manifold, and Precision 58 mm turbocharger. It’s fed E30 fuel through Bosch 1300 cc injectors from a Walbro 460 lph … Read more

RWD Civic with a Mid-Engine J32 V6

RWD Honda Civic with a mid-engine J32 V6

This mid-engine RWD Honda Civic was built by Andy Barcheck over the course of five years finishing in 1992. He started with a 1984 Civic he found in a junkyard. He installed a custom tube chassis with 11.5-inch disc brakes from a 1986 Corvette and custom suspension from Datsun 240Z parts. The powertrain consisted of … Read more