Chevy Caprice Wagon with a 780 whp Turbo LSx V8

Chevy Caprice Wagon with a Turbo 5.3L LSx V8

Mike Walden’s Chevy Caprice wagon called “Radio Flyer” was built by Rodney Knocks in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Under the hood sits a turbocharged 5.3 L LSx (Gen 4) V8 mated to a TH400 automatic transmission. The V8 makes 780 horsepower to the wheels on C16 fuel tuned by K.P. Tuning. The engine features a stock bottom-end, … Read more

ICON’s Reformer Chevrolet Caprice

ICON Reformer Chevrolet Caprice with a 6.2 L LS3

Jonathan Ward’s first sentence in his newest video was “this is a weird one” and I would agree. This fourth generation (1991-1996) Chevrolet Caprice might be one of the weirdest projects ICON has ever built. Jonathan says that ICON tends to not work on late-70’s, 80’s and 90’s cars because there is a lot of … Read more

Caprice Super Sleeper

There are a few things that might tip-off someone to the potential in this 1981 Caprice, one being the cutout in the hood and the other being the beefier tires. Other than that, this car easily falls under the sleeper category. Power comes from a 4.8L iron block LQx V8 connected to a Garrett 70mm … Read more