1978 Pacer Wagon with a LS3 V8

1978 AMC Pacer Wagon with a LS3 V8

The AMC Pacer holds a special place in the hearts of Phillip and Sue Carey. They started their family with a 1977 Pacer wagon and drove it daily for eight years. Although reliability issues forced them to sell it, another Pacer wagon would find its way into the Carey family again. Sue found a listing … Read more

1975 Pacer with a Turbo LSx V8

1975 Pacer with a Turbo LSx V8

This 1975 AMC Pacer was built by owner Dick Hamm in Tuscan, Arizona for LS Fest West 2019. He built the car in 16 days and documented it on his YT channel. The engine is a turbocharged Gen3 5.3 L LSx V8 with upgraded camshaft and valve springs, VS Racing 78/75 turbocharger, MicroSquirt EFI, and … Read more

1977 AMC Pacer Wagon With Blown V8

This car appears to have it all, classic American looks, storage space, and of course ridiculous gas sucking power. Sure it can be a hassle to fit your groceries around the roll cage and buckling a four-point harness everyday can be a pain, but look what you get “under” the hood. This 1977 AMC Pacer … Read more