Ford Escort Van with a Turbo Barra Inline-Six

Ford Escort Van with a Turbo Barra Inline-Six

Dean Ferris owns and races a unique and powerful Ford Escort panel van. Under the hood sits a turbocharged 4.0 L FG Barra inline-six that makes 720 horsepower to the wheels on 21 psi of boost and E85 fuel. The engine features head studs, upgraded valve springs, oil pump gears, ProBoost Garrett GTX42 turbocharger, and … Read more

Ford Escort with a 600 hp Turbo YB Inline-Four

Ford Escort with a Turbo YB Inline-Four

Gerard O┬┤Connell competes in Irish hill climb racing with his Ford Escort Mk2. The Escort was previously powered by a naturally aspirated Millington inline-four but now has a turbocharged YB inline-four built by Smith and Jones Engineering that makes 600 horsepower. Gerard shifts gears on his sequential transmission using a Geartronics paddle shift system. Watch … Read more

Gordon Murray’s Ford Escort with a Cosworth Inline-Four – Part 8

Gordon Murray Ford Escort with a Cosworth Inline-Four

Retropower is back with another episode on the Ford Escort they are building for Gordon Murray. The Escort will have a Cosworth Duratec inline-four connected to a Mazda MX-5 NC six-speed manual transmission and an independent rear suspension. In this episode Gordon visits to see the project’s progress and give suggestions. Source: Retropower and Murray … Read more