Videos of a LS3 Powered Exocet Racing

Exomotive Exocet Sport with a LS3 V8

Exomotive recently took their V8 powered Exocet Sport to the 2017 Ultimate Track Car Challenge at VIRginia International Raceway to see what it could do. The car’s 441 horsepower and 436 lb-ft of torque in a 1,690 lb shell is on display in the videos below. Source: Exomotive via OppositeLock Advertisements


Exocet with a Supercharged LSA V8

Flyin Miata Exocet with a Supercharged LSA V8

Exomotive has been selling the lightweight Exocet chassis since 2013. The kit allows an amazing race car to be built around the Mazda Miata drivetrain. This also means a Exocet can use LSx drivetrains if the builder uses one of the popular Miata/V8 swap kits. Flyin’ Miata was asked by a father and son team … Read more