Jaguar XJ40 with a Twin-Turbo Diesel V8

Jaguar XJ40 with a Twin-turbo Ford 7.3 L diesel V8

When we first wrote about this unique Jaguar XJ40 we only had a short video to go by but then a team from the Netherlands called the Mad Jag Power Stroke pulling team informed us this was their project. The team recently contacted us again to share the rebuild of their diesel V8 and to … Read more

Mad Jag PowerStroke Pulling Team

I wrote about this Jaguar sedan powered by a twin-turbo 7.3 L Ford Power Stroke IDI diesel before but I wasn’t able to find much about it. I was very pleased when the builder recently got in contact with me and pointed me to their Facebook page. More videos and pictures can be found there. … Read more

Jaguar Sedan With A Twin-turbo Ford Diesel

Someone in the Netherlands has built a pulling monster Jaguar sedan powered by a huge Ford twin-turbo diesel V8. I tried to find out more on this build and didn’t find anything. If anyone has more info or pictures please leave a comment. Source: BangShift